Corbett Hall Centre Wing Development Phase A; May 2005

This project involved hanging a mezzanine from the roof of an existing gym to create another story, and installing a new elevator.

old stairs before mezz  
old stage stage before demo  
Existing gym area with walls cut out ready for steel erection.

window for beams beams in yard beam assembly
beam lift beams in place beams in place
View of the construction of the roof structure which the third floor will be hung from.

beams for third floor    

Beams for third floor being hung from roof beams installed previously.

mezzanine1 mezzanine2  

Mezzanine level after pour.

lower level1 lower level2  

Lower level after pour.

site of elevator shaft elevator pit1 elevator pit2
Site of new elevator shaft; elevator pit and sump before pour.

research space third floor exam hall
Third floor research space; second floor exam hall.

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